Pakrac is situated in the valley of the river Pakra in western Slavonia, 26km north-east from Novska, on the altitude of 178m above sea level, and according to the last made census, Pakrac has a population of 8 482. It was first mentioned in 1237 in a manor index as a settlement of Ivanovac under the name Pekriz.

The positioning of Pakrac next the railroad connecting Posavina and Podravina (stations: Banova Jaruga – Lipik – Pakrac – Daruvar – Virovitica) and a trunk road Novska – Lipik – Daruvar – Virovitica and the vicinity of Spa in Lipik, give the town of Pakrac a transit – touristic meaning.

Important sacral objects from the 18th century are based in the historical core of the town, where we can find the Court of baron Trenk, and the remainders of one of the first coin mints in Croatia – so called Spahija basement. Besides the many buildings in the town core, during the aggression on Croatia in 1991 and 1992, the Church of the Holy Ascension of the Virgin Mary, the Church of the Holy Spirit and others were also badly devastated.

The economic basis of this town is agriculture, viticulture, forestry and wood and building industry.

The river Pakra and the nearby mount Psunj and Ravna gora hill are the places for recreation. Special features of the Pakrac area are the many Italian settlements where Italian language, tradition and culinary were preserved (the famous Italian salami).